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Soil Inoculant

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Regenerating soil and soil health requires both introduction of organic matter like compost mulch and also introduction of a variety of beneficial microbes to increase soil microbial diversity.  My soil inoculant is rich, microbially-rich soil from my families gardens at The Growing Home in Los Angeles, CA, where we have been feed and cultivating soil health for over a decade.  Adding a small quantity of this soil to your garden will introduce the beneficial microbes we have cultivated over these years and allow them to spread and make a home in your garden.


How to Use Soil Inoculant

The primary benefit of my Soil Inoculant is the SOIL MICROBES.  When using this product, all care must be taken to maintain the health of these microbes.  Once the soil inoculant arrives to your home, open the box and bag to allow respiration, then keep the inoculant indoors in a cool, dark place until you are ready to apply her to your garden.

To apply soil inoculant:


  • simply spread soil inoculant on the surface of your soil.  The microbes will dry out in the sun and die.


  • Bury handfuls of the inoculant under mulched areas of your garden

  • Bury handfuls of the inoculant in vegetable garden beds and cover with mulch or purchased compost

  • Bury a handful under mulch around each of your fruit trees

  • Place handfuls of inoculant in the layering of a lasagna mulch

  • Place handfuls of inoculant in a compost bin or pile (make sure to keep the compost bin healthy and aerobic so the microbes spread into the entire compost)

  • Use inoculant to make aerated compost tea