#LanguageOfRegeneration Part 2: Environment/Body

The Language of Regeneration

A series where I explore the words we use everyday that serve the economy and culture of Degeneration and offer alternative words and concepts to encourage the development of a Regenerative Culture.

Part 2

Degenerative - Environment

Regenerative - Body

Save the environment. I am an environmentalist.  You don’t care about the environment.  I study the environment, not biology. Plastic is bad for the environment. Meat is bad for the environment.  I bought a Prius, it’s good for the environment.

The Impossible Burger is good for the environment, but it’s bad for you health.
              - John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods

If I shower too long, its bad for the environment.

If I eat too much, it’s bad for the environment.

My shit, it’s bad for the environment.

I breath out CO2, I’m bad for the environment.

I am a pollutant.

Where is the environment?

      It’s out there.



Where am I?


We’re both there?



Is it where my fingers end?

Is it on my in breath or my out breath?

Is it before I eat or after I poop?

Where can I see it? Can you point me in it’s direction?

I must be stupid. I can’t find it.

Why does it hurt here, in my heart, when the animals die?

Why does it burn here, in my lungs, when the forests are ablaze?

Why does it pain here, in my gut, when the soil is poisoned?

Why can’t I sleep, when my family can’t find rest their pain, their hunger, their addiction?

Why do I feel like I’m sinking as the waters rise?

Is it because I’m weak?

Why do I feel the pain here, in my body?

Why does it feel like it’s happening to me?

It’s just in the environment, isn’t it?

isn’t it?

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