#LanguageOfRegeneration Part 3: Natural / Healthy

The Language of Regeneration

A series where @farmerrishi will explore the words we use everyday that serve the economy and culture of Degeneration and offer alternative words and concepts to encourage the development of a Regenerative Culture.

Part 3. 


Degenerative - Natural (and also Unnatural)

Regenerative - Healthy, To Feel Whole

Natural food. It comes naturally to me. Natural color. Natural flavor. It’s natural for men to be aggressive. It’s natural for women to be passive. Homosexuality is unnatural. Sickness is the result of unnatural living. We must get back to our natural ways. Natural disaster.

What are the ingredients? Xantham gum… is that natural? What’s more natural, coconut oil or canola oil? This burger is made from plants processed in a factory and that one is made from animals raised on a feedlot, which one is more natural? Vanilla flavor comes from a gland in a beavers anus… is that natural?

Do as nature does. Follow in nature’s footsteps. Nature knows best. Eat it, it’s good for you, it’s natural. Snake venom. Hemlock. Deathcap.

Climate change is completely unnatural. It is caused by human beings.

Climate change is completely natural. The climate naturally fluctuates over time.

Oxford Dictionary defines “nature” as  ‘the phenomenon of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape and other features and products of the Earth, as opposed to humans and human creation.’

Dear Oxford. Fuck you.

Fuck you for teaching me all my life that I am oppoesdo the plants which give me breath.

Fuck you for teaching me that I am opposed to the animals that dance upon and feed the soil.

Fuck you for the idea of the “landscape” that exists without me. In spite of me.

And most of all,

Fuck you for draing to tell me that I am not a phenomenon. You’ll regret that one.

I’m changing your definition.

What is Nature? “The phenomenal, magic, wonderous world we are.” 

What is natural? Me. My hands. The creations of these hands. The ideas that I turn from imagination to solidification. Everything is natural.  What else would it be?

Dear Oxford. I refuse to participate in your made-up, colonial, racist dichotomies. Natural-Unnatural. White-Black. Male-female. Gay-straight. Native-immigrant. The world does not fit into the neat categories you have used to divide us from each other. From ourselves.

Nature is outside of me no longer. I am her.

And        I      Will     Take      Care     of        Myself.

    P.S. Climate change is completely natural.  It is caused by human beings.

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