Nature Does Not Exist

Close your eyes and imagine Nature.

Give yourself a minute to fly around the image you've created.

Then go to the next slide.
Did you see beautiful forests?
Vast oceans teeming with fish and whales?
Did you see national parks you've visited?

Did you see any people?
Did you see any buildings? homes? cities? any human creations?
at all?
The Oxford Dictionary defines
"nature" as:

The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.
Nature is one of the fundamental colonial constructs that violently divides us from our EarthBody.

Nature is defined by what is not us, and by what we haven't touched. Human touch "defiles" and creates artifice from Nature / "natural" materials.

Humans land on Nature, rather than arising from Earth.
Nature does not exist.
Earth does.

We do not need to "reconnect" to Earth. We are Earth. We wake up as Earth. We eat Earth. We breathe Earth. All we know is Earth.

Our homes, our cities, our plastic, our petroleum, our chemicals. All Earth.

And also our beauty, our art, our creations, our emotions, our bodies.
Nature and the "natural"/"unnatural" binary blind and confuse us:

"Natural immunity"
- All immunity is inherited. Some from your mother's breast. Some from a vaccine.

"Natural food"
- All food comes from Earth. What foods contribute to any individuals health vary from person-to-person and even day-to-day.

"Nature is modest & fragile. She needs our protection"
- REALLY?!?!? Earth is a sex-crazy beast that is always undergoing change and transformation. Try to keep up.
Nature as a colonial construct is deeply entwined into colonial culture, including academics, science, entertainment, and the Environmental Movement.

Nature is imagined as a previously existing "pure" state that we must return to that exists outside of us.

"Naturalists" & Environmentalists study the world that is not us.

Biomimicry asks us to imitate a life that we are not part of.
Like the colonial constructs of gender, sex, race, intelligence, species, and morality, "Nature" & the "natural/unnatural" binary have no basis in reality.

Our language. schooling, movies, scientists, economics, political leadership, and environmental leadership simply repeat these concepts continuously so that we never question their existence.
You are Earth. Everyday.
Your needs are Earth's needs.
Taking care of yourself is taking care of Earth. Healing yourself is healing Earth.

Did I wake up something of you? Sweet. Support my writing habit.
Earth knows colonial culture doesn't.

Venmo @farmerrishi

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