What a difference people can make

What a difference people can make.

We are hearing a lot right now about how ecosystems across the world are recovering now that people are locked inside, unable to damage “nature.”

This is a friendly reminder that you are Nature. Your body is the Earth, you are walking soil, your blood is rivers.

Earth is not better off without you. Earth is better off when our dissociated systems are not functioning. Earth is better off with rest, and slowness, just like you. Earth is better off when you are healthy, still, able to listen to yourself and her.

Pictured is our garden, The Growing Commons. People created the Before, and people created the After. The change was not a removal of people. The change was a remembering of roles, relationships, and purpose.

Let’s use this time to remember who we are, what our role is, what makes us feel healthy, whole, nourished. Our healing is the Earth’s healing.

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