What is Regeneration?

What is Regeneration? This question has been swirling in my mind for much of this year. I once thought that the regeneration and healing of Earth was all about soil health, water cycles, and planting trees. I was given hope by the news that “regenerative agriculture” could reverse climate change and give future generations a chance at living in a world with in-tact forests and clean, running rivers. This year, I learned that the ideas, the philosophy of regeneration go much deeper than the soil. It goes into our very hearts.

Can the Earth be healed if we are not healed? I feel not. If we do not find healing from the many traumas we have all faced, we will continue to cause unbalanced destruction to this Earth, which is not only our Mother, but our Body.

It is no coincidence that as we have dammed the Rivers of this body, our rates of heart disease have skyrocketed. It is no coincidence that as we have cut down our forests, our lungs have difficulty functioning. It is no coincidence that as we have fragmented land into walled-in square plots, our minds and hearts have become walled-in, unable to feel and connect.

Regeneration is a new (and very old) paradigm, where we see, feel. and understand this Earth as our Body, and this is the view we work to spread and the experience we hope to offer through our work at Sarvodaya Institute.

Amazingly, this view and paradigm is so fully and easily available to all of us in a garden. Garden’s are places where our association with Earth is clearly visible to us, where all the layers of abstraction built by our dysfunctional and myopic society are lost, and we can see clearly how this body functions. Which is why at Sarvodaya Institute we have been working to create and restore gardens everywhere we can, from our demonstration gardens to the gardens in your backyard or patio.

This #GivingTuesday, we ask that if you believe in our work and want to see the proliferation of Regeneration across our society through gardens, please become a member and support our work (link here)

Thank you all for your love over the years, it has meant the world to me and my family.

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